Monday, October 6, 2014

Fire play mishap

I love fire play.  The use of fire, skin, and sex leads to a very enjoyable part of a day.  Currently I like fie cupping over the wand as it takes A LOT of practice to precise fire payment and the control of that fire.  

I love teaching.  Teaching fire play takes several sessions and a lot of patience.   I always use myself as their first person experience.   I share things like "your leaving fire going too long, too short, and the painful acknowledgement that it's burning and hurting like hell. 

I'm posting a video I shot of where the fire got out of control and gave me 1st degree burns.  Unfortunately,  I didn't do the same steps with my partner as I do with trainees. Im posting the mistake to show newbies and remind the experts of the risks of fire play when not properly trained.

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