Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Partner to sub, can it even work.

Sometimes the cluse are presented right in front of a Dom and we just don't see it.  Though I have been accused of this many times, I have overheard the subs chattering and it appears to be a general consensus among the slaves/subs though I doubt many would state that directly to their Master/Dom.  
OK, what's this all about.  It's about Jed of course.  No, actually about's about Kevin.  Confused, don't be their the same person, Jed is the dom alter ego of Kevin.  Whereas I am pretty much Dom all the time, Kevin really only "role plays" a character that he has used as his front.  Of course, as I have previously wrote about, I'm attracted to Jed.

So we have tried letting Jed out on me finally.  Well, it didn't go as expected or is it that we should have suspected the end results.  I can't be Dommed without Domming at the same time.  Meaning it's top/top situation.  Oh ya, he'll fuck me, but the moment he tried to go pass a point of domination, I immediately take back control and demand to be the alpha.  Now don't get me wrong, being choked, being slapped on the face while being pounded is quite enjoyable, but I don't submit to Jed.  It just can't happen.  But that's ok, or at least it was.

Sex today started as it does almost everyday of our relationship.  That in itself is significant because sex various in positions, roles, etc.  What I'm saying is that I'm not only having sex everyday, it's also fresh and definitely not stagnant.

I see I've swayed from the purpose of this blog.  It's what happened during sex today.   Kevin was being my boy.  He was serving me.  He was being submissive.  Hold on, pull the brakes, the guy that can choke the hell out of you, make you see stars, all while calling you defiled names (now I'm hard).  The point, my co-top partner, who seeks out the boys with me, was submitting to me...genuinely.

I have been interviewing men to be my submissive or slave.  It's challenging because I don't want a live in slave, and many require too much attention and financial support.  I simply want to own you while your in my house and let you be you once you walk back out my door.  The point is that I never considered Kevin.  He's not leather.  Oh ya, he's played with toys, and been fucked silly, but he's never experienced the collar of security that comes from being protected and loved by a Dom.  

Needless to say, I came three times during this session.  But I discovered that it was difficult to completely Dom Kevin.  I don't want to hurt him, I don't even know his limits.  So anyone who read my post about how it was unfair that Kevin could release Jed onto our third parties, he couldn't release him onto me.  Turns out, I view it the same way towards him.  Master Ty has played...heavily...pain intense......mind fucking.......thrives with the control, .......lost in my ego.  

will I collar Kevin.  No...well...I don't know.  There are both sexual and mental benefits of having someone collared who is NOT your partner.  I don't want a sub who knows my finances or personal weaknesses.  I want a fucking sub who is going to worship my feet as though I'm Christ himself and as far as I'm concerned am.  I want to call my sub a faggot while I choke them on my cock.  I want to slap my boy across the face, throw them to the ground, grab their neck and ram into them until they cum without even touching their cock.  I want to release my God complex and pull my sub by what little hair they have and kiss my property.  I want to tell them to stay on their knees and be my foot stool while toys are inserted in their rectum.  I want to be dark, I want to be me.  Can I do that with my life partner. I don't really know.  

But till that time, there's only one thing I can do, and that is to continue to bring home the subs.  I would rather Kevin continue to see all the aspects of submission, what it means, and whether he is truly sub.  If today was any indication, he definitely has the potential of being a wonderful sub.  And if he is a natural sub......there is no way I'm allowing him to find a Dom outside of us.  It will be me or he will not be subbed.  .  

BDSM Session Music

From day to day it is not uncommon to see my jamming to my country music.  25 years in Texas will leave that mark on you.  Male country singers seem to touch my soul unlike my rock bands where I identify more with my leather.  And there is industrial, stoner rock, industrial rock, punk rock, acid metal, industrial metal, heavy metal....and so on.   That's where I get my session music.  Music that will swing my flogger and build my dominate energy during play.  Sound simple....guess what, it's not.  Sometimes I want heavy thrashing because I intend to flog and fuck from behind right after.   I want screaming, moaning, thrashing music that almost controls the heart beat.  The kind of music that makes you want to piss up someone's ass.  

But never session is the same.  Sometimes I you need music that fits the boy's worship and a steady beat for the use of belting, whips, zippers, and cock and ball torture.  A more general rock beat is needed at this type. Since I LOVE playing with boys (um, over 18 years of age, people) , they prefer more of a tech beat to their session.  And again, since I LOVE to play my boys, I must say the tech music really get's their ass into the beat.

But not all toys are based on swinging or need for a constant beat.  Fire music (which tech can really be effective in a dungeon) and electric play requires yet another type of music.  You still want the undertone of industrial, but is more melancholy.

Bondage depends on the type of bondage.  Rope bondage needs a steady soft flow as time will pass during the knotting.  However, chain the bitch to the wall with restraints and the mood is definately highented and either a steady session or dark session could occur.

That is what my app the BDSMusic: Protos is all about.  A collection of music by session type to be able to immediately focus on their session and not the music.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fire play mishap

I love fire play.  The use of fire, skin, and sex leads to a very enjoyable part of a day.  Currently I like fie cupping over the wand as it takes A LOT of practice to precise fire payment and the control of that fire.  

I love teaching.  Teaching fire play takes several sessions and a lot of patience.   I always use myself as their first person experience.   I share things like "your leaving fire going too long, too short, and the painful acknowledgement that it's burning and hurting like hell. 

I'm posting a video I shot of where the fire got out of control and gave me 1st degree burns.  Unfortunately,  I didn't do the same steps with my partner as I do with trainees. Im posting the mistake to show newbies and remind the experts of the risks of fire play when not properly trained.